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We are developing and using only non-chemical product


FREEGALLIⓇ is silicone based product that sticks mite and block the respiration.
Not toxic for animal and people.

No chemical residue in egg and meat. 

No chemical resistance and effect on time. 

Dilution with water then spray on the cage, and equipment.


Safe for animal

and people


No chemical residue on eggs


Environmental friendly 


Not toxic

Not harmful


No resistance develop due to physical mode of action

Physical mode of action

Even covering on mite

Surfactant effect will cover mite surface fast.


Movement control
FREE-GALLI cover on the mite and

kill adults and nymph.

Safe and Effective
프리갈리 영어.jpg
Method of Use

01.  Smuck the floor and clean the dust on the cage. Clean the manure on manure belt. 

02. Dilute FREE-GALLI with water 1:200(0.5%).

      1 bottle of FREE-GALLI(5L) can be diluted with 1 ton of water. 

03. Prefer to spray on the cage and equipment after the dark. 

      Because mite start to move for blood sucking and easy to contact the product.

04. Spray product with low pressure sprayer.

      Professional sprayer for FREE-GALLI is preferred.  

Apply on cage

2 consecutive application prefered

Complete wetting

Spray and wet every gap and surfaces

Floor system

Wetting all the surface with

quantity of product

Preventional application

Monitoring and regular treatment

We can support all farms for hygiene and pest control.

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