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Prevention is the best solution for poultry red mite.

Silica Shield is made in Germany.

Already proved it's efficacy in many countries.

Poultry red mite is called with Chicken lice, Wakumo, chicken mite. 

More than 90% of layer farms infested with poultry red mite. 

Poultry red mite hide in narrow cleft in cage without action during the day time.

Red mite move after dark and suck blood of chicken.

Red mite can survive more than 8 months with out blood sucking.

Due to short life cycle, red mite can replicate fast.

Chemical treatment has limit

Resistance for chemical is first limit only few chemicals working in nation wide. 

Chemical residue on egg and meat is second limit.  

Disease and production loss

Red mite infestation cause decrease egg production by blood loss and immune suppression by stress. 

Red mite also play as a physical and biological vector.  

Increased production cost

by red mite

Annual cost for nation is more than 1.3 USD per layer chicken. Medication is 26 cent and production cost increased around 1USD.  

More than 50 Million USD are national cost for this issue.

Preparation of poultry house








Silica coating

Repeated treat increase Resistance & Cost & Risk

Prevention with Silica treatment

We can support all farms for hygiene and pest control.
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