We provide optimal solution for each farm

Cleaning Service

Complete cleaning is essential

Cleaning is most important step to prepare house.

Professional cleaning for mite control is done by professional team.


High pressure washing equipment is necessary for complete cleaning.

기계식 소독

Professional disinfection with machine .

Disinfectant for each house and history of disease 


Cleaning inside the airduct(air channel) is mandatory. Due to most mite go inside the channel when the flock pop-out.

소독 후 평가

Swab test after disinfection.

Microbiological test is mandatory for salmonella free farm. 


Cleaner for heavy duty  cleaning is necessary for old house. It can save water consumption and time. 

기계식 약제 살포

Disinsection(with susceptible product) is necessary for preparation of empty house.

We can select proper product for each farm. 

We can support all farms for hygiene and pest control.

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