We are developing and using only non-chemical product


ECO-GALLI® is natural plant extract and essential oil based product.

It has no harm for plant and environment.

ECO-GALLI has Derris extract, gallic extract. 

There's no residue on egg and meat even spray on hens.

ECO-GALLI kill more than 90% of mites before 4hours after spray.

Safe for animal and People

Environmental friendly

Non toxic and

non carcinogenic

Survival of mite after Spray
Mortality after Spray

Method to Use

01.   Dilute one bottle of ECOGALLI(5L) with 500L or 1 ton of water. 

02.  Spray with low pressure sprayer. Preferred to use exclusive device.

03.  Wear the eye protection, glove and mask.

       Spray against wind direction. ECO-GALLI  can irritate on eyes.

We can support all farms for hygiene and pest control.

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