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We provide optimal solution for each farm

Silica Shield Service

Prevention is best remedy for red mite

Silica is widely used in Europe.

Usually coated by professional service team. 

Safe material

No residue or

chemical reaction

Physical mode of Action

Dehydration and

movement control

Long lasting effect

Prevention 6~12 months

after coating

Efficacy was already proven

Efficacy was tested in more than

100 farm case

No resistance

Physical mode has no relation

with resistance

Prevention is not one step treatment.

Complete preparation with several steps last the protection period from re-infestation.

This video will help for preparation planning

전체 동영상

전체 동영상


Silica Shield is good for

No harm for human

and chicken


No resistance due to

physical action


Widely used for

red mite control in EU


Long lasting efficacy with

one complete coating


We can support all farms for hygiene and pest control.

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