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We are developing and using only non-chemical product

Silica Shield

Prevention can be done only with silica coating on cage

Silica coating is preventive skill.

Curative method cannot effect long and should repeat again.


Hurt on the surface of chitin layer

Dehydrate mite by absorbing moisture 


Coating on the surface of equipment protect mite infestation 


Non toxic for animal and human

Direct spray on mite can used when hens are in the house


Method of Use

01.   Prepare the empty poultry house with the guide of professional team.

02.   Density of mite in empty cage is crucial for longer protection.

        Clean and professional silica coating is most important factor for prevention. 

03.   Disinfect and dry the house then Silica coating is final steps before introduction of new flock. 

04.   Do not use chemicals products or disinfectant on the silica coated surface.

We can support all farms for hygiene and pest control.

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